Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Bunny and the Eggs

Spring has come to Northern California, the trees are sprouting new leaves and the flowers are blooming. Just yesterday when I walked out front door and saw a green and red humming bird buzzing around my bush with red flowers. With the beginning of spring and the family Easter celebration just around the corner, I decided to crochet a bunny and easter eggs to decorate my house.

I made the bunny first and decided to make some matching easter eggs. I made only two easter  eggs but I think I will make a few more in spring time colors.

The patterns for the bunny and the eggs were designed by 4lilBeans and can be found on ETSY


The pattern for the easter eggs looks hard but it is really easy to make. You can get the pattern here


The spring bunny was was fun to make since I could choose my color pattern and how much striping I wanted to add. This bunny is great for decorations or to give as a gift! The bunny pattern can be found here

I hope you enjoy these spring time patterns!
Crochet on,


  1. Hi D, I love, love your Easter Bunny and Eggs. Job WELL done. Would love to share your pattern with a senior crocheting friend, but don't know how to copy it for her. Really cute.

    1. Hi Betty,
      The patterns for the eggs and the bunny were purchased from 4LilBeans on ETSY.com. Check out the link above.
      Have a great Easter!