Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Favorite Jean Scarf (Mini Circle Scarf)

What happens when you mix the Mini Circle Scarf pattern and "Favorite Jeans" yarn from Expression Fiber Arts?
The Favorite Jean Scarf

The Pattern
This is an easy pattern that uses the chain stitch, half double crochet stitch, and the double crochet stitch, which makes it great for beginners. You can make the scarf with or without fringe. I added fringe because my favorite jeans have a large hole in the knee that is frayed. You can find the  free Mini Circle Scarf pattern here.         

The Yarn
Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts was having a yarn sale I could not resist. I love the the fact that she hand dyes all the yarn,has many different sizes and colors of yarn and she raises money for charities. There are always specials, giveaways, and a monthly yarn club where she introduces her new colors.

When shopping on her site, I found this yarn  called "Favorite Jeans" I knew I had to have it! but was not to sure what I would make out of it. Favorite Jeans looks like all different colors of blue jeans that I own.

It has taken me about a month from the time I bought the yarn to finally make this summer scarf. As you can see below it will look good with my jeans and all that is missing is a little white shirt.

I hope you have a great week!
crochet on,

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