Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More Japanese Crochet

Last October I saw a Japanese crochet book on Amazon and fell in love with some of the great patterns in the book. The down side is I did not read Japanese, the plus side, I can read crochet charts, So I bought the book!

I fell in love with this vest pattern and knew I had to make it!

My husband and I went on a driving trip down the California Coast last November and we stopped in the little town of Solvang. Not only is it a cute little town but it has a yarn shop! The yarn shop is part of a Scandinavian store called Rasmussen's. The shop carries yarn from different parts of the world and has some unique yarns. I found the perfect yarn to make my vest, a really nice 100%  mercerized cotton yarn that was made in Greece, called Butterfly, Super 10. They had so many different colors but I fell in love with color #3610 a really pretty green color. 

With the holidays approaching I put the yarn and book in my "when I have time pile"

I am not sure how but, I found the time this week and I finished the vest! I am so happy with how it turned out, I can not wait to wear it!

This is the second pattern I have used out of the  Japanese crochet book, the first item I made  was a scarf that I posted back in January, see post here. Do not be afraid to try something new, you just might surprise yourself!

Have a great week!,
Crochet on,


  1. Japanese crochet books have some of the best patterns. Looks like a good one. The vest turned out so pretty. You must be so anxious to wear it.
    Xx Beca

  2. This is such a gorgeous vest. I love the pattern very much. And your colour choice is beautiful. I have neber crocheted a garnment but if I find the book somewhere I will give it a try. So beautiful! Viola