Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sky Blanket Update-August 2015

There have been so many things going on so far this summer and I was not able to give a sky blanket update for July. So here is my update for the past two months:

The blanket is past the half way point, I have been doing a row a day for the past 7 months. There are 212 rows completed and the blanket measures about 75" wide by 60" long. I look forward to warm winter nights!
In my May 2015, my last blog post was about the progress of my sky blanket, I commented on how the blanket was big enough to cover the chair, well the blanket has gotten too big for the chair so I had to fold it for this photo!

When I started out back in January, I had chosen 11 different colors that I thought would best represent the colors of the California sky.

In looking at my blanket closely, you can see that I have only used about 6 of those colors, so I will be using the other yarns for something else. I really like the random stripe pattern that has emerged due to the California weather.

This year long project has been a big commitment, I remember a similar year long project that I did in 2013, The Granny Square Challenge, where I made a different granny square every day for a year. 
I guess every few years I like to challenge myself. How about you?

It is not too late to join in, you can start now and make a lap blanket/quilt or you can start now and finish next August! The pattern for the Crochet the Sky Blanket and the Chart are in the pattern section above.

Have a Great Week!
Crochet on,

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