Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sky Blanket Update-September 2015

It has been a few months since I have done a Sky Blanket update, so I hope you all did not think I had given up on it! I have been faithfully crocheting my rows and with only a few months to go, I am looking forward to finally being able to use it!

I have been working on the blanket for 9 months and it is now 75" wide X 84" long (It covers about 3/4 of my queen size bed)
The blanket has out grown my crochet basket!

Here is a close up of the rows I have been working on for the past few months (these are the rows from the big blue stripe on).  As the summer ends and we get closer to Winter, there have been a few more cloudy days. The grey patch was when we had a little bit of rain in California. We needed any little drop we could get since we had a very dry summer!

Next week I will release my free Granny Square pattern for the Mystery Lapghan Crochet A long. If you would like information on the Crochet A long, check here

And Just another reminder that "I Love Yarn Day" is coming up on October 17th, I hope you can spend the day stitching!

Crochet on,

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