Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scrappy Project #2-Colorful Boho Scarf

My jar of scrap yarn is over flowing, so it was time to use up this yarn

 Look at all the different colors, sizes and textures of yarn, this will make for an unusual and colorful scarf!

The Colorful Boho Scarf

The Colorful Boho Scarf is a long skinny scarf that is 96" long and 4" wide

The pattern was created to give texture to the scarf and allow the yarn to be used in a creative way. I chose a color and added the next color at random points, so some rows ended up with two different colors (see photo above). There was really no set color choices, I just chose what I thought looked good and crocheted, working this way created a unique one-of-a-kind scarf. 

If you are looking to use up your scrap yarn to create something unique, you can access the Colorful Boho Scarf pattern here

I hope you enjoy the pattern!
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