Thursday, June 23, 2016

BohoCuff Bracelet

 It has been a few months since I have posted, many life things have distracted me from crochet, but I am finally back into the swing of things and should have never put my hook aside. You may remember from my yarn resolution in January 2016, I was looking for ways to use up my scrap yarn to make beautiful accessories. I love colorful and unique bracelets, so I was inspired to create a bracelet for Scrappy Project #3  

The Boho Cuff Bracelet

The beauty of this bracelet is that you can make every bracelet unique by changing the colors of yarn and using different types of buttons. 
You can access the full pattern Here and be sure to check out the pattern highlights below

Boho Cuff Bracelet Picture Highlights

Gather up your supplies, yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and stitch markers. (you will use a needle and thread later to sew on the buttons)

Make your beginning chain by chaining 32

For rows 1-3 sc in st across

Row 4 is the open work row, for the chains of color

After completing 13 rows your bracelet should look like this with 43 solid rows and 3 open work rows

Add the chains of color, attach first color and chain 31.

After completing the chain add a stitch marker in the last chain and cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Use the stitch marker to weave the chain through the open work row, attach to the other end and fasten off.

Repeat with second color, and continue to add chains of color to the other open work rows. (weave in your ends as you go)

Once all your chains of color are done all the ends are woven in, your bracelet should look like the picture on the left

It is time to add the button holes to the end of the bracelet.

Add your unique buttons and there you have it a Boho Cuff Bracelet!

I am glad to be back crocheting and blogging!
Have a great week,

*Make as many Boho Cuff Bracelets as you like, but do not reproduce or sell this pattern. Please provide a link to the pattern or my blog when using this pattern on the internet*

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  1. Hi Da :) I love wrist warmers! Yours are very orginal! I will probably try your idea to make :) Check my patterns on my blog
    sunny greetings :)