Sunday, August 13, 2017

Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure- Part 2

Adding The Blanket Stitch
Now that we have the squares put together we are ready to add the blanket stitch around each square. In order to have a nice even looking crochet edging, the blanket stitch gives us a base to work with. So grab your squares, yarn, card stock for a template, safety pin, scissors, and a needle (see supply list in part 1 of the Crochet Fusion Quilt  HERE) and lets get started adding the blanket stitch to our squares.

Here is a photo of a square with the completed blanket stitch, the yarn tails were left so they could be worked into the crochet edging later.

Instead of me trying to fumble through the instructions for the blanket stitch,  I have found a wonderful Youtube video by Tiffany Behmer that gives great instruction on how to add the blanket stitch to fabric squares. You can access the video HERE

The squares for this fusion quilt ended up being 4-1/4 inches by 4-1/4 inches, so I made a full template with my card stock that is 3-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches, the tick marks are about 1/4 inch apart (see photo below).  I found that my yarn needed to be 88 inches long to complete the blanket stitch all the way around the square. So be patient with the yarn as you work your blanket stitch, it can tangle at times! You should have a total of 64 loops (15 on each side and 1 in each corner)

Below is a photo of some of my squares with the completed blanket stitch waiting for the crochet edging.

If you have just joined the adventure, you can find the information for the Crochet Fusion Quilt part #1 by using the following LINK

I hope you are following along with Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure, look for part 3 next week. This is the part where you get to crochet!

Happy Crocheting,

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