Monday, August 21, 2017

Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure- Part 3

Adding The Crochet Edging
Now that we are finished with the blanket stitching around the squares it is time to get into the crochet portion of the quilt. I wanted a basic and simple crochet pattern that did not take away from the fabric squares, but just enough to make a nice frame around the squares to show off the different fabrics.

Crochet Fusion Quilt Edging Pattern:
With 5mm crochet hook join yarn (using a slip stitch) into any corner loop, 3 hdc in the corner loop, * hdc in the next loop and in each loop to the corner loop, 3 hdc in the next corner loop; Repeat from * around, join to beginning hdc, end off,  72 hdc (3 hdc in each corner loop and 15 hdc on each side)

Thats it, an easy crochet stitch and just enough to make a nice frame around the fabric, here are some of my finished squares:

If you have just joined the adventure, you can find the information for the Crochet Fusion Quilt by following these links: Crochet Fusion Quilt Part #1 and Crochet Fusion Quilt Part #2

I hope you are following along with Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure, look for part 4 next week. This is the part where you get to crochet the squares together!

Happy Crocheting,

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