Monday, September 11, 2017

Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure Part 4

Connecting the Squares
After adding the edging to all the squares it is time to put all the squares together to make your blanket. Again I went for a simple way to join the squares that gave the quilt a lacy look. I did some research on the internet to find different join methods and tried out about 4 of them. I settled on the Single Crochet and Chain join. As you can see it gives the quilt a light and lacy look.

I found a great Tutorial and you tube video by Helen of Crystals and Crochet, she has done a great job of explaining the single crochet and chain join method. She posted step by step instructions which you can find HERE and her video tutorial can be found below. Thank you to Helen who took the time to give us these great instructions.


After joining all the squares with the single crochet and chain join, it will be time to add the finishing touches to the quilt: The Crochet Edging.

If you have just joined the adventure, you can find the information for the Crochet Fusion Quilt by following these links: Crochet Fusion Quilt Part #1, Crochet Fusion Quilt Part #2, and Crochet Fusion Quilt Part #3

I hope you are following along with Crochet Fusion Quilt Adventure, look for part 5-finishing the quilt in the next few weeks. 

Happy Crocheting,

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