Monday, January 22, 2018

Persian Tile Blanket Update

A few weeks ago I started the Persian Tile blanket (check out my post HERE to find out more information about the blanket) and here is what I have gotten done so far, one of each of the motifs, I decided to make one of each that way I could see how each one was put together.

Motif #1 is the Octagon Motif is has 16 rows and measures 11-1/4 inches (28.5 cm) across, this took the longest to create and was fun to do! This motif is very colorful and looks just like a design you would find in a Persian city!  Since this motif is the focal point and makes up most of the blanket I have 15 more to make!

Motif # 2 is the Persian granny square in blues and white and measures 4-1/2 inches (10.5 cm), this is a granny square with a twist, this was easy to make since most of the square is like a basic granny square. I have 8 more to make of these granny squares.

Motif #3 is the Large Persian granny triangle, another blue and white creation, it is 5-3/4 inches
 (14.5 cm)by 3 inches (7.5cm), 11 more to go!

The last motif #4 is the small Persian granny triangle, it is 4-1/2 inches (11cm) by 2-1/4 inches (5.5cm), since this is small it was a little challenging but doable. Since I only have 3 more of these to make, I will be making the rest of these next.

I love this pattern and since it is written in UK terms it is helping me to convert the crochet terms from UK to American crochet terms, this is why it is taking me a little longer than normal, it is very helpful that the pattern has a conversion chart!

I will keep you posted on my progress, has anyone else already completed one of these blankets? Can you share your thoughts and photos?

Keep Crocheting,

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Spa Gift Set

In November of 2017 I began thinking about making a little something for the people who have touched my life, not just for a birthday, mothers day, or Christmas, but just because. So I started with
the 6 ladies who work in the office at job. They have done a lot to help me get my job done and make it a nice place to work! To show my appreciation I have decided to make each woman a Spa Gift. The gift includes a nice bar of French soap, a crocheted wash cloth, a crocheted body puff, and a nice tube of had lotion or a few chocolates (what is a spa day without chocolate?). I gave them the gifts in mid December, before leaving for vacation, and they really loved them! After New Years, I thought why not give Spa Gifts out all year long! So I am planning on starting this month to give out a Spa Gift to a special person each month. Everyone can use a little pampering!

Spa Day Gift Set Patterns
I started with a wash cloth made in a bright cotton yarn (This is one of the times I could use bright color yarns and not have to worry about it being too bright!). This is easy to make, great for beginners, and it crochets up quickly. You can find the pattern Here

Once the washcloth was complete, it was time to make a matching bath puff, it was fun to make and has a lot of double crochets in it (For this bath puff I made the hanger the same color as the puff, but you can use a different color of yarn if you would like). You will see what I mean about the double crochets when you check out the pattern Here

Below is a photo of the completed wash cloths and matching bath puffs.

Here are the completed Spa Day Gifts I gave out to the Office Ladies in December, the set included the wash cloth, bath puff, an nice bar of soap, a small tube of lotion, and a few peppermint candies, the great thing about this gift is you can make it and add a few small things for a nice gift!


I am off to start my gift for the month of January,
Have a great week!